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DSi XL Review

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DSi XL Mini Review

You all must be knowing about Nintendo's latest add on to the DS Series of systems, the Nintendo DSi XL.Well its big, I picked up this bad boy in the first week of April and now after using it for 2 weeks, heres a mini review for all you Tempers.

When I first slid the giant box of the DSi XL out of that plastic bag emphasizing that "We buy used games!" I was amazed at the size of the box, bigger than any handheld box Ive ever seen :O . After unboxing it, it had the same fat quick start guide as the DSi and they image on the cover was still a normal DSi, not a bug deal but just saying.Before I took the DSi XL out I saw an extra stylus, at first I was like meh... after holding it, I took it out and held it in my hand for a few seconds, it gave a great feeling to me and felt much more comfortable to hold than the regular stylus included. Then the big moment was here I slowly pulled the DSi XL out of the paper wrapping it and was amazed, it was so huge and looked so sexy in first person, well at least the bronze one did.After admiring the specs and all, I played a few games and found no pixelation at all in the screen. First Impressions were great :yaynds:

At first glance anybody would fall in love with the sexy gloss finish and attractive curved edges of the DSi XL, after opening the lid you are presented with two large and great looking screens.The buttons on the other hand disappointed me as I do not see any major change in them.The stylus included is almost the same as the normal DSi (Didn't have a DSi at the time so I could not compare).However the extra stylus included is a completely different story, it is broader and longer making it much more easier to handle and much more comfortable to hold.The insides and bottom of the DSi XL are matte, so the glossy surface on the top really leaves an impact on the user(A good impact XD ).Overall the hardware, looks sexy, is comfortable and is well built.After owning every single DS model till date this is easily my favorite.I wouldve liked it if they couldve maybe made the DSi Xl a bit fatter but given the stylus slot space for the extra stylus.

The DSi XL is available in two different colors, which are both good.Bronze and Burgundy, Bronze is easily the better color of the two.Burgundy looks too pinkish to me.The DSi LL in japn has a White version too which is also descent.Overall at the moment there is a lack of colors and with all the news on the 3DS I dont think we will be seeing anything new soon.Although even if there were other colors I would still buy Bronze as I prefer my gadgets BLACK.

The pre-bundled software with the DSi XL is as follows:
  • Nintendo DSi Web Browser
  • Flipnote Studio
  • Photo Clock
  • Brain Age Express Maths
  • Brain Age Express Arts And Letters.
In my opinion I think they should have added the first 2 on the list since they are free and given users some free points instead.The brain age games dont suite lots of users and it would be better if users themselves could get free DSiWare of their choice with the DSi Xl.Dick move my ninty.Oh yeah and photo clock is kind of bullshit, its just a clock that cycles through pictures taken by the DSi camera

The speakers on the DSi XL play sound much more loader and clearer, hell I even use it instead of my iPod sometimes.It has the same DSi Sound as the normal DSi but the new and improved speakers sure give DSi sound a big plus point in the DSi XL.
While playing a game the sound is also great and really adds to your overall experience of gameplay on the DSi XL!


Come over here.. all the @$$s who were saying that I wont get one because it looks pixelated.Screw you, the DSi Xl offers a great gaming experience with the larger screen and in the 2 weeks Ive been using it with 70+ games on my flashcart I have yet to come across any pixelation.The screens look beautiful while playing and offer a great viewing angle for others too, each screen on the DSi XL is almost as big as the PSP's screen

Final Thoughts:
The DSi XL has changed the way I look at my DS now, I use it for movies, music, pictures now too and they all looks great.Ive become addicted to the largeness of the DSi Xl and whenever I try playing on any other DS now I cant survive after 5 mins. I really dont know how all of you are :P.

My Final Score:
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