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I've gotten a few emails from people curious about the Huion K58, so I'll do a quick update on my experience with the drawing tablet so far. As I've explained in the previous posts, the Huion K58 is a drawing tablet on the same scale as the Wacom Bamboo and Intuos series. There is a digital pen that goes with the tablet and it factors in the pressure when you press the pen in. The goal is to provide an accurate tool for digital artists to draw and paint or even just touch up images. The Huion K58 is a Chinese off-brand tablet which is priced at roughly $50 USD, which is priced the same as the cheapest Wacom Bamboo. However, the specs posted are similar to those of the higher end Intuos series which normally costs at least 3 to 4 times that price.

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I've had quite a lot of trouble with installing the software driver for the tablet. That seems unavoidable since I've tested this on multiple computers on different operating systems. It seems wonky and there's really no reasonable explanation as to why it is working now and not before.

However, once I've actually gotten to install the drivers, the Huion K58 really lives up to the specs. The pen has quite a similar feel to the Wacom Intuos series and it is definitely sensitive. It is a vast improvement from my Bamboo device and all I can say is that it does a much better job of emulating a pen and pencil than my Wacom Bamboo. That's the definite positive. In terms of the basics, Huion K58 delivers great value, it blows away the whole Bamboo series and gives a similar feel to the Intuos series with input. I can write and draw quite naturally and there has been no real issue with sensitivity or accuracy.

The Huion K58 does fall short on the finer details unfortunately. Despite a similar casing to the Bamboo, it has no buttons on the side (it looked like touch buttons at first). I used to use those buttons for undo and redo and it is quite a blow to lose those. There is also no support for touch gestures. It will not recognize your hand like the Wacom boards do. I haven't had much use for that feature but it is worth mentioning for those looking for a giant track pad. The other massive drawback is that the Huion pen does not have an "eraser" on the back. Wacom pens generally have a rounded nub on the back of the pen that functions as an eraser. I've found it quite useful and I keep flipping my Huion pen over. I've started getting used to keeping a hand on the keyboard instead now, but these are inconveniences that I hope Huion will take a look at in future iterations.

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The K58 has immediately replaced my Wacom Bamboo and I have no problem giving it a good recommendation for people who are strapped for cash. There are drawbacks to paying a fraction of the price, but the K58 is great value and it nailed the most important function. Hopefully the growing interest in the brand will bring an even better version in the near future.

Given the interest, the full review will hopefully be coming shortly and I'm hoping to include a video of it in actual use. I'm sharpening my drawing skills so I don't just scribble a smiley face on the screen and call it a day.


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