London Drugs - A Cache of Limited Edition 3DS Games

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In the dark dusty corners of London Drugs, the employee barely looked up to greet me and I was free to peruse the archives of old computer games that are destined for the trash can one day or another. I found treasure in that dimly lit, neglected department.

If you're anything like me, you are torn between buying a video game at launch or waiting it out and waiting for the price to drop. At launch, of course, you get the limited runs, the special editions and the goodies that good publishers like Atlus are bundling up. Common bonuses are artbooks, soundtrack CDs, posters and maybe even figurines and plush dolls. With so many great games coming out all the time, my commitment to these purchases will probably begin a month or two down the road when the game is half its value. If only there was a secret repository of limited edition games that slowly decrease in value in a dusty shelf somewhere.
I was shopping for a few cans of soup when I found it. London Drugs has always had a poor electronics section, and I've never really gone in. It doesn't seem like anyone else has either. I found a few of the limited edition 3DS titles that I was looking for, and it seems like there some interesting PC titles there too. Selection wasn't great, but I grabbed what I could and got out. I'll definitely head back, but for those of you looking for limited edition titles you missed out on, try and think of a neglected electronics department in a random store, you just might find what you're looking for.


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