Valentines Day Giveaway!

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Happy Valentines Day! This will be the first giveaway that comes with DSDatabase Version 4, with 2 carts up for grabs, the M3DS Real and the iTouchDS. As you all know, it took more than a few months of planning to set things in place, so I'll finally have some more time to post up giveaways, more blog posts, and more content.

Enough with that, the same rules apply as the past giveaways, you simply COMMENT ON ANY POST ON DSDATABASE BLOG with a valid email. You can ONLY gain one entry regardless of the amount of posts. To make things a bit more interesting, I decided to allow all users to gain a SECOND entry by posting on the forum (however, I will be screening for spam and obviously useless posts, unlike the blog posts). All posts on the blog and the forum will be counted up, starting from February 7th, 2009 to February 14th, 2009, and will be AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO THE RAFFLE.

As usual, a valid email is a MUST as I don't pick by name, but by email. If there are too many entrants, I may not make a video with a ton of slips, but instead use a random number generator. If necessary, I could make a video of that instead. The first winner drawn will get to pick which cart, and the second winner will take the one that is left over.

Special thanks to the M3 team for generously providing the prizes for not only this giveaway, but also the next and our Space Invaders Extreme tournament. Woohoo! They really are quite amazing, providing so many prizes at once. I'd also like to take the time to remind users that the higher our view count, the higher the chance that these giveaways continue, or the prize pool grows bigger, etc. If we keep up a large amount of views, more shops would be willing to sponsor these giveaways, and we all want free stuff.

So finally let's go over the rules. The massive DUH is that rude comments and misbehaviour means an automatic boot from the tournament. I reserve the right to kick anyone out of the raffle if I suspect any foul play or just plain lack of courtesy. The blog posts can be practically anything, but the forum posts will be more strictly regulated. The forum posts will either require some real meat to it, or be a response to someone else (which won't have to be as articulate). You could start a forum game, or point out something interesting, it doesn't exactly have to be a tutorial or anything, but just don't post completely random posts (ie. one word posts, flames, etc). It's a forum, most of you should know what I'm looking for. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me or PM me.

I also wanted to mention that we have a tournament starting. The signup list is below, it is a SPACE INVADERS EXTREME TOURNAMENT. It also includes a FREE RAFFLE(odds of winning this free raffle is MUCH better than the giveaways on the blog). The rules are slightly different, just read the blog post here: for more details. Good luck and have fun!
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  1. monkeyboi's Avatar
    Alright, time to try my luck again.
  2. Jeffro's Avatar
    Arghhh to late again Q_Q
  3. Unregistered's Avatar
    I've read the book and really enjoyed Google Updates it.
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