Finished Sonic Colors (DS Version)

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Hi everyone! It's Sonictheman39! If you don't know me then my name is Sonictheman39 and I do videos of Pokemon Black and White By GCPM11. It's exactly right there on the videos forum. Anyways, I want to tell you guys about Sonic Colors. SC (Sonic Colors) is a brand new game that had came out two months ago and after the (probable) remake of Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic 4. This game stars Sonic, Tails, and Yacker (an alien that helps Sonic). It also shows many more characters like Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc. The Game is about another plot from Dr. Eggman and Sonic happens to find his way to stop him.

Although through his travels in the Amusement Park (yes Eggman built an amusement park) Sonic runs into these aliens called Wisps. Wisps contains lots of power that will guide you through impossible places you can't go to like the Orange Rocket Wisp or the Dark Void Wisp. Every wisp has their own power once Sonic contains the wisp. But there is one wisp that only gives you the boost energy and that's the regular wisp. Just like on Sonic Unleashed, you get to do the boost attack (or Sonic Boost). The more normal wisps you collect the longer you will stay on your Sonic Boost. I finished my Sonic Colors Game two days after Christmas. The final boss was a little hard. Note that when you get to the final boss you first have to run away from it. Then on the second part of the battle, you have to draw the wisp power from the final boss.

Example: When the final boss uses the Orange Rocket ability, you have to dodge them because he attacks from below the platform you are standing on. Then when he charges and release his final attack, you have to use the Sonic Boost on the rocket as soon as it comes through the floor. The rocket will reflect and hit the boss and you will see the Orange Rocket ability shine. Anyways, for the people who have the DS version, if you beat the game you have to collect all the chaos emeralds in the special stages. Special Stages 5, 6, and 7 will be the hardest. After you collect all the chaos emeralds, you have to fight the Nega- Mother Wisp (the creator of all the wisp planets.) Of course you'll transform into Super Sonic and try to defeat.

In order to beat the extra boss, you'll have charge and release your Sonic Boost on the meteors to take out her arms. (Thank God She Only Has Two Arms) Then you will automatically use your Sonic Boost. Now all you have to do is aim for the flower, but the boss will use small energy balls to stop you. Once you hit her flower 3 or 4 times, you will finish the boss and beat the game for real. I would say the extra boss is kinda like fighting Dark Gaia but it's more easier do that. Thank you for reading my blog! (Soory for it being so long!)



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