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Looks like TC has let me down,
I was supose to get a new cycloDS iEVO for a review here, GBAtemp and a few other site I go to.
Now I might have to get my sample elsewhere. I already spent $50 for a regular cycloDS so I'll have something to compare it to, so I hope TC or my other source comes through

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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I don't quite understand, what happened to the sample?
  2. RoMee's Avatar
    I got this email on the 22nd of December, so about a month ago
    I haven't heard from them since.
    I sent them 2 email with questions (just normal questions) about the iEVO for the review and they haven't replied back, that was a week ago.

    So I'm assuming they backed out, and is probably not going to send me a sample.

    I went and bought a cycloDS just for research for this review, I hope it's not money wasted and I hope TC will come through like they promised
  3. shadowhunter's Avatar
    Hahaha, December 22nd? Don't make me lol. Sorry RoMee, but I contacted them October 14, and they told me the exact same email. Mine was word for word, except for the fact that they changed the name. -.-
  4. RoMee's Avatar
    so I guess buying the cycloDS is wasted money..
    I should have known better than to trust an unreliable team

    other flash cart team I talked to has always come through, but with TC it's.......
  5. shadowhunter's Avatar
    It has nothing to do with wasted money. The team isn't unreliable either. They've been through a few crises from here and there and unfortunately, it didn't work out for them... not to mention the events of the Cyclo DSi a few weeks back on GBAtemp.
  6. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I don't know about that, most teams respond pretty fast, Team Cyclops included, but when you ask the wrong questions, they just ignore you, and this isn't just isolated to Team Cyclops.
  7. RoMee's Avatar
    it is wasted money, I spent almost $50 on research based on a team's failed promised
    as for the questions, it's similar to those asked by another world.

    and from my time with TC and the cycloDS, yes they are unreliable.
    I call it how I see it, and how I see it is based on my experience with them
    a $12 acekard has better compatibility than the $45 cycloDS, this = wasted money

    Guess I'll try and sell this cycloDS and take a $25 lost
    Updated 01-11-2011 at 02:06 PM by RoMee
  8. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I don't want to sound too pro-Cyclo again, but keep in mind Another World represents GBAtemp more or less. I have been in sort of similar positions before, where a GBAtemp reviewer gets answers while I don't even get a reply. But it doesn't happen often, that's for sure. That being said, when the AceKard RPG and AceKard 2 was released, the AceKard team was phenomenally helpful -.- Much more so than M3 or Supercard at the time.
  9. Jakob15's Avatar
    Wait I don't see any problems here. They did say they will give you a sample as soon as its available. It is not available right now so how are they supposed to give you a sample?
  10. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Naw it's more along the lines of them not replying rather than the sample. It's really frustrating when it happens. That being said, I wouldn't worry too much about the samples, TC was relatively generous when it came to handing out their carts for the CycloDS Evolution.
  11. RoMee's Avatar

    I just received an email from TC this morning, so hopefully I will be able to post a review soon
    I made a mistake and I prematurely judge the situation out of frustration.
    Although some of my questions was not answered, I'm happy TC will still come through.
    So thanks TC if you're reading this
  12. Jakob15's Avatar
    I was wondering when is the CycloDSi going to be released?
  13. RoMee's Avatar
    there isn't a firmware/kernel download on their website, so I doubt it's released yet
    but yeah, they are late, they said it will be release the second week of january, it's now the third week of january
  14. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Samples should be shipping out in the next few days to a week, while the release is set to be February 2nd I think, might have been the third.
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