My Square Enix rant

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Okay I want to start off by saying Square Enix has been my favorite game developer for the past 15+ years. Final Fantasy 7 was the first RPG I've ever played and I was in awe with the whole game.
Back in the days, I knew I could count on Square Enix for great RPG, but now everything Square do is mediocre at best, they are killing the FF franchise with spinoffs and failed sequels. There hasn't been a good FF since FFX.

What happened to Square Enix? Back then they can turn anything into a bad ass RPG game, just look at Kingdom Hearts, they even turn Mario into a RPG game.
Now all they're doing now is making sequels and spinoffs of Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, FF, etc.

I have more to say but my rant is long enough, what do you guys think of Square Enix right now?
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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I think it's the fear to innovate. If you look at the recent games (I'll be honest, I've never been an SE fan to begin with), they aren't that BAD, they are just getting stale. It's not easy for a game company to just whip up something new, and there is considerable risk in doing so. Of course that's no excuse, but as long as people keep buying their stuff, I'm sure their execs see no need to pull a Nintendo Wii out of thin air.
  2. RoMee's Avatar
    I might give up on Square if the 3rd birthday sucks, I bought a brand new PSP just for this game, so I hope it comes close to what it was when it was called Parasite Eve
  3. Overlord Nadrian's Avatar
    3rd birthday is superb.

    Square Enix are fucking awesome. JSYK.
  4. RoMee's Avatar
    So far the 3rd birthday is okay
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