My RANT on Companies and "Reviews"

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So, it's been about three summers since I've gotten into reviewing things for the video gaming scene. I've been working for many many shops, and most of them are pleased with my performances. Lately however, I've began to really question why I'm still doing these reviews. There's no point. Lately, whatever I review is frowned upon for the content.. I'm not going to blame the shops. They're making money. I get that.

But what I fail to understand is WHY they expect me to review these items in a biased manner! I know you guys need sales, and all, but what these shops are asking me to do is BOTCH my opinion and bias my reviews to make THEM look like they're angels. What the fuck do I do? Please the people? Please the companies? I thought my God damn goal was to inform the people! What happened to that?! I don't care that the economy is in a downspin. It's not like your damned shops only carry one type of item. You sell tons of things that should makes sales easy! You sell all these accesories! I'm simply trying to lead the people in the right direction! Yet you think that I am going to destroy your sales for being honest? I'm trying to tell the people reading the stupid review that there's better out there. If you read between the lines, I say it's good for a basic user, but noooo, apparently everyone needs spoon feeding and wants everything cut clean for them. I'm sorry, the way I've been raised and the way your companies want me to write the reviews is totally in violation of my virtues. I've been raised to leave an honest opinion. If it's good, I'll say it's good. If it sucks, I'll say it openly, like these R4 clones. They suck, and no one should use them. Better invest in a better team with reliable support. What I WILL NOT stand for is lying to the people to make a company's sales better. I warned EVERY shop that if it's bad, I'll state my opinion.

Basically, what do I do!? Do I please the company or please the people? If I can't find a balance, I quit. I don't want to write about something if I have to lie about it.

Whew, what a rant. Any opinions? I'd love to hear them.

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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    A reviewer's job is to remain impartial and to provide a consistent and fair review, and part of that means dealing out negative opinions. It is unfortunate, but companies do and should feel badly when they invest in a review only to have it get bashed. It's a bad investment. However, don't let their opinion affect yours.
  2. shadowhunter's Avatar
    Thank you. I needed to hear that. It further proves that I'm right and they are wrong. It's unfair that something like this happened. Looks like I'll be finding a new sponsor.
  3. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    It's not so much a matter of right and wrong as it is different perspectives. They certainly have reason to feel that they didn't get the best deal, but you also have your integrity as a reviewer to protect.
  4. RoMee's Avatar
    I think that's why there are so many people from shops and flash cart team spamming.
    We are too honest with our reviews. So now they'll make these fake (copy and paste) reviews/tutorials to spam their product and/or shop.
    There's a lot of thread on here like that, and they have not been removed, but other forums already removed and ban some of these people.

    Look at shirley, after we found out, she stopped posting
    Kerry, and balasiamocho also are doing that
    Updated 06-28-2011 at 05:41 PM by RoMee
  5. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I don't think it is a matter of being too honest, it is the fact that these R4 clones are just ridiculously bad. In the past carts actually had to compete in terms of features, now it is a competition to try and capitalize on the R4 name. Reviews were always honest, carts have just gotten worse (relative to competition).

    As for shops spamming, I've removed some of them, but at the same time I've left the ones that aren't too ridiculously spammy. So long as the links are obvious and clear, and not an obvious ploy to scam or something, their news posts are no different than some I've seen on GBAtemp or whatever.
  6. shadowhunter's Avatar
    The problem with all these shops is that they think it's all about them. I get that they're businessmen trying to make a living in the world but what they're doing is ridiculous.
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