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    by Published on 06-13-2010 06:55 PM
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    The Supercard DStwo is a new flashcart from the Supercard Team. This flashcart works on the Nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi, and the DSi XL(supports version 1.4) This flashcart is different from all the other flashcarts such as the Acekard 2i, iEDGE, EZ-Flash Vi, and others because this one has a built in CPU and extra RAM. This flashcart is now one of the most unique flashcart because of the built in CPU and the extra RAM. With the extra CPU and RAM you are able to a lot more with this flashcart such as play videos(without converting), GBA emulation, SNES emulation, and other new unique features that you couldn't have done with older flashcarts because it was not possible. This flashcart is also able to update itself in case Nintendo pulls out a new 1.5 update that blocks flashcarts. This flashcart also is one of the "feature carts" because it has in-game features such as RTS, RTG, RTC, and other new features that I will be explaining later in this review. The firmware I am using for this review is Supercard DSTwo EOS V1.01.

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