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    Default S> 95mW Nexus Green Laser Pointer. Match Lighting Abilit

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    Just posted it up on eBay. Friend told me to be a man and post it up for 1cent, so I did. LoL if you guys could throw a couple of bids in, that would be great =]

    Video there too

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    changed my mind
    seems like eBay checks for lasers more than 5mW every other day

    i'm sticking a buy it now on it, hopefully someone will take it before eBay removes the auction

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    Did you ever try craigslist? Or maybe thats USA only...

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    sold a few on craigslist vancouver
    I think I already drained the vancouver laser funds.

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    How much do you have left?

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    thread closed

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    So quick to be bought?
    I also come up with a good price
    Wireless laser pens shape the appearance of fine, fine, pen-shaped design for hand, is a business presentation, the teacher lectures, professional presentations the best companion.

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