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    Default Your upcoming blogs

    Well I didn't see a better forum for this, so I posted it here.

    My upcoming blogs:

    • 5-in-1 DSiWare Review
    • SupercardDSTwo Review

    So what are your planned/upcoming blogs?
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    I have 3 things to review:
    Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
    Supercard DS ONE EOS First Look
    Ragnarok DS
    I was gonna do a miles edgeworth review but seeing as your doint one ill do Ragnrok

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    Lol I was planning to do a Miles Edgeworth review too Though I haven't started, or even gotten far in the game, so go for it.

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    I am patiently waiting for your iEDGE review

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    I am on the 5th case already of the game.

    My future blogs is going to be.
    : PSP internet VS DSi Internet. I am already done with the video I can't find my USB connector to connect my computer to the camera though.

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    Just because I'm doing a first impressions blog doesn't mean you guys can't do a review or another first impressions blog xD

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    - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review - First 120 Stars
    - Gamecube Controller Review (really!)
    - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review Part 2 - Green Stars

    The Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review will have two parts. One with the beginning of the game. Getting 120 of the main stars. The second part will be about the other 122 stars. I haven't got all of the green stars yet so the second part might not come this month.

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    I plan on doing... The next thing I can find to review, possibly the Nintendo Wii, possibly, or something else, if I can find something else :P or GameBoy Advance SP

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    BFME2, Split/Second Velocity, Heroes of Newerth

    After my exams I'll probly do all 3.
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