View Poll Results: Favourite DSi Flashcart?

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  • Acekard 2i

    6 50.00%
  • iEDGE

    1 8.33%
  • Supercard DS One i

    3 25.00%
  • M3i Zero

    2 16.67%
  • EZ Flash Vi

    0 0%
  • R4I and Clones

    0 0%
  • IPlayer

    0 0%
  • Itouch 2

    0 0%
  • DS TTi

    0 0%
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    The RTS, Soft-Reset features are as unstable as the cart itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Escape View Post
    Hopefully the SC2 won't fail me like the M3i did (again, maybe I just got unlucky and received a defective unit, though I doubt it...)
    Well I don't mean to say that the M3i has great build quality because it doesn't, but the problem you described happens with other flash carts too. I know that it was VERY common with the AceKard early on and the first version of the Supercard DS ONE sometimes needed sticking a piece of cardboard behind. Almost ALL R4 carts encounter this as they get older too. I know that this isn't really making your M3i look any better, but I mean it could very well be because you have bad luck. :P

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    Acekard because of its simplicity. I own a SCDS1i but I like the fact that I don't have options for RTS and RTG as I never use them.
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    Hmmm anyone want to swap to R4 now with the new firmware? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by pichon64 View Post
    Acekard 2i all the way. The build quality of the M3i it's a shame. Let's hope all good things for the SC DS2.
    The M3 isn't just a black sheep of flashcarts, there's quite a few other flashcarts out there with not as good build quality.

    Plus you gotta love that side loading spring action!

    Quote Originally Posted by Escape View Post
    Well, IDK about the Supercard, but do YOU need to put a piece of carton behind the cart so it will load?
    My M3i worked perfectly fine for a couple days, but then suddenly my DS got stuck at the title screen.
    So I've asked on GBATemp for help, and been told to put a piece of carton behind the cart before loading.
    K np, worked like a charm, but after another couple days, it stopped working completely after only turning off the system for cheat usage, and anything I did wouldn't fix it - ANYTHING.
    Why did I even need to put something behind the cart so it will work? how come my AK2i and R4 didn't have suck a problem? the M3i just feels so cheaply made for the price their selling it for, sorry.
    Maybe it has more features, but I guess quality beats quantity.

    Hopefully the SC2 won't fail me like the M3i did (again, maybe I just got unlucky and received a defective unit, though I doubt it...)

    BTW, sorry if this has nothing to do with the topic, I just had to spill it out haha.
    I'm pretty sure you can just fix that problem by just holding A when you start, it's a common problem.

    Either that or you had bad contacts

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    i selected acekard 2i

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    Most definately the SuperCard DS ONE, probably the best of the three carts I own, my M3 Real, EZ Flash Vi, and Super Card, the DS One is by far the best for me

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    AK2(i) for me, mainly because of AKAIO.

    SuperCards look pretty cool, but I can't stand the Engrish-y GUI.

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    to be honest , i dont know much about the Supercard DS One i ,the ranking is so high , is it so good ? i voted M3i , because until now it works well on my DS, but about R4 and Acekard , it pissed me off every time , i hate them .
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    i'd like to get it inch by inch ....

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    You probably just got unlucky sherry. Acekard is one of the best out there. Recently, the Supercard DSTwo kicked Acekard off of the number one position. The M3i also hasn't received much support these days. :P Of your choices, I'd say Supercard DSonei. I personally reviewed the cartridge as well

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