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    For Canadians!

    33% discount on preorders if you preorder 3 games from their E3 list. Some great deals there as long as you are willing to purchase months or years in advance.

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    Futureshop is adding quite a few games to the list, as they get announced at E3. Definitely check this out, it's a great deal!

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    I was on Nintendo's eShop and I noticed two very hot deals:
    Resident Evil - Revelations for $9.99
    Resident Evil - Mercenaries for $9.99

    Revelations was an insanely good game, for $9.99 it's a no brainer.

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    Futreshop/Bestbuy has an incredible deal going on this weekend.

    Probably too late to take advantage of it though, reading on RFD, there are 4+ hour lineups and they'e pretty much out of every games.

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    Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD for iOS
    Unlock all games for $4.99 (instead of $16.99)

    Pretty good deal, getting the first 3 Phoenix Wright games for $5!?

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