My DS can't find the signal from my Router but my computer can. So recently I brought a TP-Link TL-WN321G, so I can create a Soft AP with my computer.
This Tutorial show you how to Make Your Own AP (Acess Point) with your Computer Wirless or Ethernet Connection.
The AP your making works for DS, PSP, and Mostly all Wifi Supported Electronics.
This Method doesnt just work on WN321G but mostly all other dongle.
So if you have a different dongle, the software and the adapter is the only thing that changes from this method below.
-Wireless Connection ( I have a Atheros Adapter)
-Wireless Dongle Driver (Download Online)
-Wireless Dongle (TP-Link, TL-WN321G)[/url][/url]
1. Download the lastest driver here:;m=TL-WN321G[/url] and install it.

2. Make sure the dongle in and click on the TL-Wn321G Shortcut (Dongle Software).

3. Right-click on the Dongle software icon in the System Tray (bottom-right corner of screen) and click "Switch to Soft AP"

4. Something will pop up, for the WAN pick your Computer/Laptop Adapter or Wirless Card/Chip/Ethernet. The Lan is the WN-321G Adapter

WAN (Network Connection 1) My adapter conneced to the router. It can be a ethernet wire or a wireless card.

Lan (Network Connection 2) The Dongle. doesnt need to be the WN321G. Most dongle are similar.

5. Go to Network & Sharing Center and click "Manage Network Connection"!

6. Right-Click on Network Connection 1 than click property. Open "Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)" and change the setting to the second picture below.

7. Go Back to "Manage Network Connection" from step 5. Right-Click on the second Network Connection (WN-321G) than click property. Open "Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)" and change the setting to the picture below.

8. Double Click AP Icon in the system tray so the AP Software opens.

9. For SSID create a name (my is "Wifi") and change the setting to the picture below. Click "Apply".

10. Click on "Security Setting" and change the Authentication Type to "Shared" and Encryption Type to "WEP". Make up a WEP KEY (SSID PASSWORD)

11. Go to your firewall setting and add all these TCP Port in the exception tab (28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443) Go here:[/url] to read more about the firewall ports. This is needed so you can play with other, just like in Call of Duty for DS.

12. Get your DS or PSP and add the wifi setting manually.

SSID: Your SSID from Step 9!
WEP: Your WEP KEY from step 10!
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: Blank
If you have another DS/PSP, all the setting are the same but the IP Address, for the
Second (2nd) DS/PSP, Change the IP to
Third (3rd) DS/PSP, Change the IP to
Fourth (4th) DS/PSP, Change the IP to
and so on...

I havent read over the tutorial so I may have some grammar mistake and I made the tutorial base on my memory of how I did it 1 years ago, so I might be missing something. If you have any Question, Just Ask!!