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    Default Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

    Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar is the latest English Harvest Moon for the DS. There are several Japanese Harvest Moon games that were released later on, but at the moment, Grand Bazaar is the latest for English readers.

    The game has a few enhancements, from a windmill that is used to ferment things to jumping. The biggest change is, as the title suggests, the Grand Bazaar. This marketplace is held once a week, and the only method by which you can get rid of your goods. There are no more shipping bins, you are completely responsible for selling your produce. The bazaar is a fantastic addition, and a very creative innovation for the Harvest Moon series.

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    Am I the only one that plays this? LMFAO ):
    Its quite addicting actually, what am i saying. im always addicted to harvest moon.

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