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    Default Pokemon Black and White

    Pokemon Black and White was just released, and though I don't plan on playing through this in Japanese, I just had to make a video and check out the game a little. So far, the engine is definitely a little better. The petals that were drifting down in the first route was quite nicely done though the landscape looks similar. The Pokemon Center looks very different, with the Pokemart merged into one building. I'm also very happy to see that some of the menus were redone, though the bottom screen seems to be very wasted at the moment.

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    The little house thing when you go in between routes, looks different too.
    going to get some time to used to.

    the pc box looks plain too.
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    The battle animations look very awesome, not just like a ragdoll being moved around.

    Can't wait for the English version!

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    thank god im not the only one.
    i didnt wanna spoil myself to it, and i didnt understand.. so we shall all wait for the american release

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    Spoiler: the bottom screen is empty for the first couple of routes, but after a while you'll receive the C gear and that will fill it up.

    The game is awesome. Graphics are top notch, the music is top notch, battles progress much faster than before due to move animations being totally redone, and so forth.

    GOTY 2010-2011. No denying that.

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    oh. so thats what is was for.
    I was wondering.
    Thanks for the spoiler :P

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    This is now a topic to discuss your progress in Black and White. SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BEWARE!

    I just beat the third Gym, and I caught Victini (obtained through Mystery Gift) with a Premier Ball!

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    nice! Im gonna try and get victini

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    It's at level 15 so it won't be really hard catching it.

    Its cry is annoying though IMO :P

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    Stay tuned for my review of the games soon, almost done with it already!

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