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    No as in Pokewalkers aren't tied to a single game. Rather they are, but you can reset and use it with other saves

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    The reason the Pokéwalkers don't work with this game is because it would make absolutely no sense whatsoever to let only certain Pokémon be transferred and let the others just sit their in the boxes (or your party for that matter).

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    well i believe its true, because the pokewalker is only registered to ONE legit game.
    unless you RESET the pokewalker. (im not sure about this, dont believe me. LOOL)

    oh and at the "about the pokewalker" page, pg 32 (i have soulsilver)
    it says *The Pokewalker can only store data for one person, which is kinda saying, only one registered game at a time.
    Well at least thats what I SAY.

    don't take my opinion personally, everyone has their own x]
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