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    Default Dream World Artwork for Pokémon

    Bulbapedia announced that there is different artwork for pokémon in Dream World. That being said I taught it should be reported here seeing as tho not all of you visit Bulbapedia. Also it is assumed that every Pokémon will get their own Dream World artwork even if they are not available in Dream World! So basically Pokémon can even have different colors seen here with an Ivysaur

    Note the eye colors of both images!?

    For the whole story you can visit here (not sure if this against the rules -_-) and to see some of the artwork already made you can visit this page.

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    Yea thats odd, I got a bad request too, seems like the old post is lingering around causing problems, I'll have to check what's up with it.

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    Looks sweet.

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    Wouldn't have Black/White yet so...yeah

    When a translated version is released I may get it.
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    @PV so my old post is causing a problem?
    @Shadz I'm waiting for a translated version too, I just can't wait until it comes out
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    Not anymore, I dealt with it in the database rather than through vbulletin.

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