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    Default GCPM11's Black and White Walkthrough 7-9

    In the walkthroughs below, GCPM11 saves an important Pokemon from Team Plasma, goes to the daycare where he battles 4 year old kids with pokemon, and battles his male rival Cheren. Sorry for not posting the walkthroughs like days ago because I had to check my youtube and do homework and... ETC.

    Now I know for all the people who had just found this don't like it in Japanese, but as long as you stick with GCPM11, you'll be fine. More walkthroughs are coming soon so sit tight!!!

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    I still can't figure it out yet, are you this GCPM guy or not?

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    No. Just a fan of his. If I was I would have put the title "My Pokemon Black Walkthrough."

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    Wrong answer pal. In all honesty, I thought this was your own work. I'll let you keep this here, since it is a popular subject, but next time, consider yourself warned. Advertising is against DSDatabase rules.

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    lol win

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    Sorry I didn't know

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