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    Power hungry peoples D:
    Unus moment of poena an infinitio of sileo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadz View Post
    Seems...slightly massively unreasonable. I got a ban on my first day, I asked where to get a copy of 'Demo games' for the NDS (so like one level from a game here and there). 1 week ban.

    It would seem that i'm not the only one in this thread who hates GBATEMP Supervisor p1ngpong this is my kind of place

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    Quote Originally Posted by mother View Post
    Hey PV.. obviously the best thing to do is what you're already doing; keeping your head about you and being patient through the confusion. Of course alarmists will hoot that gbatemp is this and Costello is that.. but you've known him long enough to know that though he has a short temper at times, he's not a malicious person. Clarity will be achieved at some point, I'm sure.
    What about that GBATEMP bully p1ngpong I hope he gets what he deserves & gets fired >

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    Nah, he's too much of a mascot for the place. But still, GBAtemp has changed over the last while, most of their active staff has changed and let's face it, the scene has changed too. The environment isn't nearly as toxic, but at the same time, there isn't enough happening in the 3DS/WiiU world to keep it exciting. I know ryoukoki is trying his best to push out material though.

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    Hello! I'm new to this site. Guess where I derive from? Yup! GBAtemp! While my awaiting ban is actually well deserved.. I know of many users who were banned for pretty much no reasons at all. It sickens me they don't have their priorities straight. I was banned because I wasn't truthful with my name/age with one user on there. ( He made me skeptical... - ) Either way, he started harassing me, so I did the same back out of my anger issues. Oh well... I will wait to see if I'm banned tomorrow. Either way, I'm not logging back in to their site. The admins on there don't have the slightest clue on how to run a forum. I hope this site is different.

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