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    Default League of Legends Keys Giveaway

    Gamespot is giving out League of Legends keys at ... ends-beta/, these used to be incredibly hard to come by but gamespot doesn't even need you to register, it takes 30 seconds to sign up, less than that, and the results are instantaneous.

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    Default Re: League of Legends Keys Giveaway

    Had a key for a fair while...but thanks for the heads up.

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    Default Re: League of Legends Keys Giveaway

    I had a key for a while too, but I never really got into League of Legends. The beta keys were really quite hard to get, as a result, within my group of friends, only I had one, which is why we went with the HoN route instead.

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    Default Re: League of Legends Keys Giveaway

    You play HoN?? Add me, I'll play with you some time (HoN name is Shadz)

    As for LoL keys, they were dam hard to get, out of all my friends, I got 2 keys, and gave one away, so 3 of us could play together, but I was very lucky to get 2 keys in the CBT, especially when some people got 0.

    HoN will be huge, pre-order ftw.

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    Default Re: League of Legends Keys Giveaway

    Well I'm still called PharaohsVizier, haven't played in a while, HoN or DotA. Lately my free time has been spent on CoD4 on PS3. If you want to add me on that

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