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    Default (AGAIN) Selling DS Lite

    Currently am selling a brand new, once-used navy blue DS Lite. There are no scratches on screen and VERY minimal case scratches. It's a Japanese launch DS model. I've had it for a long time but never used this particular color.

    I am selling it now with your choice of a Supercard DSOnei or Acekard 2i. For good measure, I'll throw in my micro SD, which is 2GB. For even more measure, I'll throw in a launch copy of Pokemon Diamond Version. For even MORE good measure, you'll get a 4 pack of styluses for the DS lite to suit your mood. Even better yet, I'll throw in an R4 SDHC as a free gift to say thanks!

    I am only accepting Paypal. Make a reasonable offer if you're interested. I'm looking at around 90 USD. If you say you're gonna buy it, BUY it. Don't back out at the last second. I had at least 5 offers and all backed out on the last day.

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    I am selling mine as well. I will post the details in this topic later.

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    That won't be necessary. Just make a new one.

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