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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Default Hey everyone

    Just wanted to say hi since I'm new here!
    I'm happy to become a member of this community!!!
    Hoping for the the best !

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    Hey Sam, welcome to DSDatabase!

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    Hello Sam,
    Its really a nice meeting with you here..I am also a newbie and I hope we will have some good time here...

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    Welcome Sam, I hope you enjoy this forum like I have!
    Support The Site

    Set made by me!

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    Hi welcome to dsdatabase!!!!!!!

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    I AM new here I am happy to join here...............

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    Hey Sam. I like your name, Its mine nick name.
    I am new here. I hope you will have some good time here and will find some useful tips,suggestions and other value able information for yourself...!!! Thank you for accepting me as a member of this community.

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    Hi guys my name is Benjamin and i am 25 years old. i recently joined this forum to get my self updated and the more
    informative so please guys share the gaming news because i love gaming.

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    Welcome aboard Benjamin. I hope we'll see you around, and don't be shy to start up your own topic to introduce yourself.

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    Sup all, seems to be a lot of new people in one thread
    Unus moment of poena an infinitio of sileo.

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