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    XStylus Review


    This a review of the XStylus, designed by Elton Long
    The XStylus is the only DS lite stylus to expand in both length and grip

    I know what youíre thinking, itís too late, the 3DS will be release soon, but I was told they are working on a 3DS stylus. So hopefully with enough people to back the project they can release and expand and their product
    This stylus design won a bronze award in the 2010 Taipei International Show and Technomart

    I got a prototype which is the second last generation sample.

    The XStylus is made from recyclable plastic, and the pin shaft is stainless steel, it will be hand assembled and packaged in Hong Kong.
    It weighs almost the same as the DS liteís stylus, the pin shaft is pretty solid, and when folded it feels exactly like a regular stylus. It fits in the DS perfectly.
    The plastic used to make the XStylus is a little flexible, but it will not break, I would prefer a harder plastic for the inner part of the stylus.

    Top to bottom, XStylus, DS lite stylus, DSi XL stylus

    When expanded you get 70% more grip and the length is increased by 22%.
    It should help reduce the chance of arthritis or tendonitis and encourage a proper way to hold a writing instruments.
    The XStylus can only be expanded in one direction(clockwise)

    It has two little tabs (see picture) to stop you from accidentally pushing the inner part of the stylus all the way through when expanding the XStylus.

    I tested the Stylus for a whole day with The legend of Zelda: Phantom of the Hour Glass and it did great, it was much more comfortable to hold and use when compared to the original DS lite stylus.
    I had my girl use it for a couple of hours and she agreed, it was more comfortable and itís easier to grip
    She tested it on Picross 3D and Plant VS Zombies.

    The XStylus does what itís suppose to do, improve the way you use a DS stylus. You can leave it closed for quick use or expand it when you want to use it for a long period of time. Iím very impressed with this stylus, I highly recommend the XStylus for anyone looking for a better stylus for their DS lite.

    So if you think you might be interested, please help back this product
    Itís only $25 for 4 XStylus
    You will get your money back if the project is not fully funded. Your credit card will only be charged when the full 10k are raised

    USERS' OPTION: Same as the $20 deal except shipping has been added on so that you don't have to do it manually. This reward includes 2 sets of XStylus (i.e. 4 styluses) and DONOR status recognition on website. (worldwide shipping included)

    To preorder your XStylus go here:
    For more information about the XStylus go here:

    I would like to thank Elton Leung for this review sample and for providing me with loads of information.

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    As interesting as this is, my main concern would be price. I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay $25 for one of these. After using it, do you think this is worth $25?

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    $25 of for 2 sets of 2
    So $25 = 4 XStylus including shipping
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    That's much better. Now I need to think of 3 people that'll split the cost with me.

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