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    Default CycloDS iEvolution Review

    CycloDS iEvolution Review

    The cycloDS iEvloution is the newest cart by TC (Team Cyclop) and it’s the only flash cart on the market that enable the DSi features of a properly dumped DSi enhanced rom. At $50 (on average) it’s currently the most expensive flash cart. In this review I will test back up roms and homebrews on both DS and DSi mode.

    From what I’ve read this flash cart kit has tons of potential and TC is view by some to be one of the best flash cart team around.


    • 1x Micro SD reader
    • 1x Firmware Flasher
    • 1x cycloDS iEvolution

    The iEvo comes in a very nice tin box, inside the tin box is the iEvo the firmware flasher and the micro SD reader, it sits nicely in the foam cut outs. This is one of the best packaging I’ve seen.

    While the tin box was very nice and well constructed, the same can’t be said for the iEvo. The firmware flasher does nothing more than supply power to the iEvo.
    The cart itself is poorly made. On the upper left corner of the cart you’ll notice the gap, (see picture) it will not close. The label looks and feels like it was printed off a home printer.

    But despite the bad build, it’s still works. It sits flushed with my DSi XL, and slides in and out of the DS with out any problem
    If you plan on buying an iEvo, I suggest you handle with care as a precaution.

    The iEvo is shipped without a boot loader making it “legal”.
    You will need two rom to make the bootstrap.

    1x MechAssault-Phantom War (U)
    1x My Healthy Cooking Coach (DSi Enhanced) (U)

    It’s pretty easy to make the bootstrap, assuming you have the proper rom it should give you a BOOTUPDT.EVO file. Just follow the directions in the READ ME.

    In this review I’m using the latest firmware v2.2, I wanted to give the iEVO a chance so I opt to wait until they update their firmware a few times before writing a review.
    The interface of the iEVO reminds me of the R4, except it has a cycloDS twist.

    • GAME - Takes you to your list of games
    • MEDIA - Launch moonshell or if you have your bookmarks set to “list” than it’ll show your list of book marks and moonshell.
    • SETTINGS - Here (along with settings) you can boot slot2 if you’re using a DS lite, but if you’re using a DSi, it'll gives you the option to switch to DSi mode.

    Pressing (Y) when a game is highlighted will take you to the rom settings
    To get to the in game menu just press L+R+Y,X,B,A

    Everything works pretty well in DS mode, but in DSi mode it’s a little buggy.
    In my opinion the iEVO has one of the best interface, it’s easy and gives you plenty of options and settings to adjust to your liking.

    The iEVO’s main selling point is it’s ability to play DSi enhanced roms, and homebrew should run better with increased speed. DSi mode is still in it’s early stages and it’s compatibility with games and homebrew needs improvement. The homebrew crowd will love this features potential, but for users who wants to play DSi enhanced games will be disappointed in DSi mode. Currently only a few DSi enhanced games has been confirmed to work properly. It’s not really TC’s fault most though, most DSi enhanced roms was not dumped properly.

    Here's some of the roms and homebrew tested.
    Color.....................(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL
    EpicCavemen..........(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL
    Meteora.................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    NeoDS...................(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL
    -Crossed Sword
    -Fatal Fury Special
    -SNK vs Capcom
    -World Heroes Perfect
    jEnesis...................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    -Double Dragon V
    -Earthworm Jim 2
    -Comix Zone
    -Contra-Hard corps

    Rabbids Go Home....................(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL
    Bleach-Dark Souls...................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    Castlevania-P.O.R...................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    Dragon Quest VI.....................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    Kingdom Hearts-RE: Coded.......(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    My Healty Cooking Coach.........(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL
    Tron.....................................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    Okamiden..............................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    Pokemon-Black.......................(DS)FAIL (DSi)FAIL
    Radiant Historia......................(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu............(DS)PASS (DSi)PASS
    De Blob 2..............................(DS)PASS (DSi)FAIL

    None of the DSi roms (System Flaw, Foto Showdown, etc) worked.

    Please note: When I say PASS in DSi mode, it dosen't mean DSi enhanced features (if any) works, it just mean the game will play when you're in DSi mode. SO far there's a hand full of (E) rom that has been confirmed to work including DSi enhanced features. In the near future I will try a new bootstrap using (E) roms and see if I get different results. ALL testing of roms in this review are (U) only.

    I’m one of the biggest TC (team cyclop) critics, and I was expecting this cart to fail, and it DSi mode, but I have no doubt TC will improve DSi mode.
    There's a lot to like about this flash cart. In DS mode this is an excellent cart, it's full of features and it's noob friendly GUI will be easy for anyone new to cycloDS to pick up and use. There's also enough there to satisfy the more experienced flash cart users, it has tons of potential and that should be the key word when it comes to the iEVO. I hope TC can make this cart into what it's capable of, because there's rumors of other flash cart team releasing their own DSi mode cart, but for now DSi mode belongs to TC and their cycloDS iEvolution flash cart.

    Right now I can't recommend this cart, but it's up to you to decide if this flash cart is right for you. At it's current stage, this cart does not justify a $50 price tag. If you're buying this flash cart for it's DSi features you will be disappointed, but if you just want a good flash cart and don't mind the price then by all means go for it.

    The cycloDS iEvolution is a great cart, but not at $50.

    Here's some pictures that didn't make it on the review

    Thanks to Team Cyclop for the Review sample.
    CycloDS website:
    Where to buy:
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    Seems like a fair assessment. I noticed that in their review samples they mentioned that the MicroSD slot isn't properly aligned, could that be the cause of the opened flap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PharaohsVizier View Post
    Seems like a fair assessment. I noticed that in their review samples they mentioned that the MicroSD slot isn't properly aligned, could that be the cause of the opened flap?
    That open flap is sooo annoying lol

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    I'm not sure if that's the cause, but people who bought the first batch, said the "flap" is the same as the review sample. That's another reason why I waited , I wanted to see if the production unit was the same as the review sample.
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