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    Hi! I finished with the major stuff on my website, and if you can, do drop by and make a comment somewhere! I don't care if it's one word! Just drop by and say hello!

    Here is it: Gaming Hubs

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    Nice stuff, I'd recommend using the "read more" tag though to sort of compress your blog. It looks a little daunting to read from it's length. :P

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    Nevermind... I'm so dumb XD
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    Looks like a decent site. Needs work on the layout, though.

    I lol'd at your latest post regarding GBAtemp. After all, you did say that you got "sick of their networks" and now you're recommending people go there. Hypocrisy, much?

    You're quite the attention-seeker, to be frank.

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    At this moment, not every moment, the site needs attention. GBAtemp is a very very large site, and it's basically for the SEO. Once I get enough viewers and members, I'll lay off of the kissing up. I did that on a majority of the other posts. I licked up to them. It'll only happen for the first few days/weeks to boost the SEO. Let me properly rephrase that. What I meant to say was that though I got irked with their networks, I do hold them at a very high level of respect, and I would want a lot of people to go seek them if they have troubles with anything in regards to the video game world. It's a weird way to look at it, but that's me. I got annoyed with them a little, but that does not mean I completely hate them. It's the way they are moving that I was just like ehhh, I'm gonna get out. Besides, I've been meaning to leave there for quite some time.
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