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    Raffle please.I have no SF4 and never plan to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
    Raffle please.I have no SF4 and never plan to get it.

    Wait till a decent game comes out (should be a month or two right?)
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    maybe a raffle would be best since not everyone has a 3DS and/or SFIV yet

    but since this is a special raffle/tournament to celebrate the 3DS, the prize should still remain 3DS stuff. I'm sure even if the winner don't have a 3DS now, they will have one later and could use the accessories or game "later".
    and if shipping is a concern, I think you can contact website like priceangel and have them ship your order to any country for free since they have free shipping.
    priceangel do have a good selection of 3DS accessories.
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    I think this super moderator should be allowed in on this raffle =]
    k thx bye <3

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    Nope... :P

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