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    Lightbulb A review on R4iDSN 3DS Card (

    R4idsn 3DS has been released by r4idsn team( According to the information provided by this team, this card is specially designed for 3DS.
    Now, let's have a look at this cart. V1.51B kernel does impress me much. It seems that this kernel is made up of MS2 and WOOD R4.
    First of all, this package has been changed a little. There is a 3D mark on the package and the sticker.

    The sticker of this card has been changed too.

    When 3DS is powered on, robisons is showed just as other flashcarts.

    When clicking it, you can enter the kernel. It just tries to imtate the menu of DSi.When your finger moves on the screen, all panes move accoring to the track of your finger.

    Now, let's have a look at all functions provided by this kernel.
    1. Playing Music: Move the pane to audio and click it. All music files on the tf card will be listed on the upper screen. Just choose one and press KEY_A. It'll be played. According to the instructions given by this team, we put the lyric with the same name of the music in the same directory(such as a.mp3 and a.lrc). The lyric can be showed on the bottom screen, according to the rhythm.You can select the music randomly.If you press KEY_B, you can go back to the main menu.

    2.About DPG movies: Just choose Video. All dpg files on the tf card are listed on the screen.

    Just select one and press KEY_A. The movie will be showed on the uppon screen.Press KEY_B and you can go back to the main menu.

    3.About TXT reader:Click NotePad.All text files are listed.

    Just select one , press KEY_A and we can the same txt reader as that of MS2.Press KEY_B and you can go back to the main menu.

    4.About the picture browser:Choose "Picture" and all pic files are listed.

    Select one picture and press KEY_A. The pictrue can be showed on the bottom screen.Press KEY_B and you can go back to the main menu.

    5.About the File Browser:Choose "File Browser", all files are listed on the screen.Press KEY_B and you can go back to the main menu.

    Copy and delete files can be done here.
    Just select one file , click copy and enter another directory.
    Click paste and the copying process will begin.

    6.About the game. Click the game pane and WOOD R4 will be booted up.

    7.How to go back the main menu from WOOD R4.
    Please click start and choose "Return".

    If you select a game and press KEY_A, you can play the game now.

    That's all.This kernel is made up of MS2 and WOOD R4.
    Anyway, you can only play DS games on the 3DS with this cart.

    Official site at
    Kernel and woodr4i download at

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    Hmm, I know this post from somewhere :P

    (He posted the exact same on GBAtemp, ShopTemp and a well known ROM site)
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    What format do the movies have to be in to work on this cart? Will it play multiple formats or just DPG movies? What about music as well; all formats or just mp3's?
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    No this should just take DPG.

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    hi jman,

    sorry for the delay of reply .
    it is confirmed by the r4idsn team that,
    For movies, only dpg files can be supported now.
    For muisc, mp3 can be supported. *.wav should be supported too.

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