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XStylus Crayon for Nintendo 3DS, by GreenBulb

What is this stylus anyways, and what purpose does it serve in the world of the Nintendo 3DS? The XStylus crayon is built on ergonomics. It's made to give the user maximum potential for playtime with a satisfying feeling. It has a very unique shape. It bulges into the middle. It was designed by a Mr. Elton Leung, a designer of accessories in
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Did I like it?

Yes and no. I liked it because it was a very different design for a stylus. It seems gimmicky but it works. For me, I didn't feel that "ergonomics" for some reason. Maybe it's the bulge or the gap with it? It seems to be unstable. Maybe it is, since it's a pre-production model. I don't know, I couldn't get comfortable with it. Another thing I found abnormal was the fact that it seemed like it was roughly done. Again, it may be because of its pre-production status. The edges did not seem to be perfectly sanded down. It felt kind of rough on certain aspects. The point of the stylus suffered from this and that makes for a rough playing experience. It even left some minute scratches on the screen of my new Nintendo 3DS. For me, it didn't seem to be the most amazing experience. I quickly switched back to the official stylus from Nintendo, simply because it felt safer to use.

The Design

The stylus is built as two separate pieces, held together by one tiny screw. It locks in place with a wedge piece thing, and it provides the bulky outward shape. In its standard form, it's small like a pencil nib, but when extended, it's a LITTLE bit longer than the Nintendo 3DS stylus. I guess they call it the XStylus because in the middle of the transit phase it makes the letter 'X.'


I came to the fact that it is indeed a very unique concept. I'd love to see the final product. It's a shame that it's overall experience was marred by the roughness of the item itself. I'll credit Elton Leung for making them himself, but if it is to become a sellout, it needs to fix these errors.

Overall Score: 8/10

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