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    Default Dead or Alive Dimensions 3DS

    I picked up this game about half a day ago, I've clocked in pretty much most of that period, but this video is from the prologue at the very start. So far, the game is pretty good, it is very true to the other Dead or Alive titles and is definitely a competitive fighter. The online finds matches quite quickly and there is very little lag, despite the claims from other people that it does. There's a ton of unlockables in the game that will keep you playing all day. There's even a series of DLC costumes that are unrolled over the first few weeks of release, encouraging people to buy sooner rather than later. The cut-scenes look great (evident in the video), and are even more engrossing when you watch it in full 3D.

    There is a hefty amount of single player content ranging from survival, story (Chronicle mode), arcade, etc. The real life of this game though comes from multiplayer, be it with friends locally or through the online match making service.

    I thought I should also point out that there's a considerable amount of details here and there that really add to the polish of the game. I'm particularly a fan of the menus, in which the top screen is a landscape scene of one of the stages (in beautiful 3D), and they use the gyroscope so that you can shift your 3DS and view the area from different angles. Things like the 3D photos, options for different voice overs, etc really shows some of the care Tecmo put into Dead or Alive Dimensions.

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    New video showing the photo mode in which you take pictures of various characters from DoA.

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    Someone requested that I upload the entire story for DoA Dimensions, so I'm going to add a new chapter every day or two.

    Chronicle Mode
    Chapter 1

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    How does it compare to Street Fighter IV 3D?

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    Ummm well I'm sure you've played SF on some other console already, while DoA is just like all the other ones. In a way, SF is a little more relentless, and you are trying to constantly pull off combos, while DoA is a little slacker where you can button mash and still do reasonably well. Coming from a guy that doesn't play a lot of fighters, I felt that DoA was much easier to get into and as a result I was much more excited to play it, while SF's unforgiving nature, especially online, was putting me off. Needless to say there are plenty of people who love SF to death precisely BECAUSE of what I just said.

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    Alright then, I might get this as well. Thanks for the quick comparison.

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    Chapters 2 and 3

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    Chapter 4

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