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    Default Nyko's 3DS Power Pak+ Battery and Charge Base Review

    Nintendo 3DS Power Pak+ and Charge Base Review - from Nyko

    Well first of all, here's to another review, and the first with my new camera! Shots look significantly sharper and cleaner, although the big bust right now is picture size: a whopping 6MB per photo!! :P But enough of that, let's talk Nyko!

    First Impressions - I THOUGHT I Would Never Buy It!

    When this product was first announced, I was stoked to go get it. When it released and reviews started popping out, I was pretty peeved by it. Most reviewers sounded whiny that the thing added so much weight to it! I was really only stoked for the extended battery, as the Nintendo 3DS has God-awful battery power. So, since I purchased the 3DS on Amazon, I got a $10 promotional voucher good towards any Nintendo 3DS accessory, so long as it shipped from Amazon. Go figure, I bought the Nyko Power Pak+ with the Charge Base.

    System with battery applied.

    I received it, and I installed it, which was easy-peasy. It takes less than five minutes to do. They even give you a cute little screwdriver to do the job! When I charged it up and all, I got straight into playing my 3DS games, and oh boy, did I run it on punishing settings. I'll explain the results in a bit. Basically though, it does its job.

    Battery Front

    Battery Back

    Does the Power Pak+ Do It's Job?

    The short answer: YES. The long answer, yes, it does so by a long shot. It's a much higher capacity battery. I got the device two weeks ago, and I've been draining it dry ever since I got it for the sake of a review. What I did was run a series of four tests. I tested them with different settings, the two optimal ends of the scale, and compared the results. All tests were run with a 3DS Game in the game slot.

    Test 1: Standard Battery with Max Brightness, Wifi ON, Power Saver OFF
    Duration: ~2 Hours 34 Minutes

    Test 2: Standard Battery, with Lowest Brightness, Wifi OFF, Power Saver ON
    Duration: ~4 Hours, 37 Minutes

    Test 3: Nyko Power Pak with Max Brightness, Wifi ON, Power Saver OFF
    Duration: ~5 Hours, 02 Minutes

    Test 4: Nyko Power Pak with Lowest Brightness, Wifi ON, Power Saver ON
    Duration: ~8 Hours, 26 Minutes (I'm gonna test this one again, it seems off...)

    As the results above show, the battery really adds a much bigger punch than what you would get if you had chosen to stick with Nintendo's stock battery. My biggest fear was that since I go on trips on a frequent yet sporadic basis, I would be stuck having to do something like read a book for a duration of the trip. I don't have a DS Lite or DSi anymore, so that's a bust. But with Nyko's Power Pak+, I don't have to worry too much about it anymore! Yeah, it won't last the transatlantic flight from California to Tokyo, Japan, but it'll provide much more runtime than usual.

    What Did I Like and Dislike About the Nyko Product?
    -Adds much more battery playtime
    -Looks sleek, adds a floaty appearance to console
    -Has depressions on the bottom to make your hands comfortable
    -Easy installation if you know how to handle a screwdriver

    -Adds more weight to a heavy console
    -Harder to stuff in a pocket
    -Still cannot last through a transatlantic flight
    -Slightly acrid smell from rubber (maybe it's just me)

    One facet I would like to address is the overall weight of the console. Many people were whining about how they thought that the battery would add a large amount of weight to the console. It's obviously going to do just that. It's a higher capacity battery, and that's a sacrifice you'd have to take. But, to be honest, the weight is really insignificant. In actually, it helps neutralize the heavier top screen and adds just the right amount of push to make the console balanced. It really helps a big-handed guy like me, and makes playing much more comfortable.

    Console with total width added from battery - not that much difference. Weight is almost the same.

    The Charge Base - No, I Didn't Forget!

    The charge base comes with the battery because when the battery is installed, it becomes useless with Nintendo's stock charge dock. It also accepts the Nintendo 3DS stock charger! I like the drop and charge play method, so I went out and bought this toy too. What you need to understand is that there are two bundles to purchase. The first one only has the battery, at $19.99 MSRP. The second bundle has the battery and the Charge Base, for a price of $29.99 MSRP.

    What the Charge Base looks like.

    Charging...for MORE gaming!

    Basically, the charge base is a rather sleek dock, with three metal pins to connect to the Power Pak+. It's the same as the 3DS dock, but it has a red and green LED light to signal charging and finished charge, respectively. The blue LED is a power indicator. Simple to use, and looks nice. It's easy to tell when your charge is done because the light turns bright green.

    Things To Keep in Mind!

    This section will be pretty important. Be sure to give it a quick read.

    1. When installing the battery, change it quickly but carefully. At most, 99% of the time, you will have to reset the date and time on the 3DS system.
    2. Make an initial charge RIGHT AWAY, and DO NOT PLAY with the 3DS during this charge. Some users have filed complaints that their StreetPass data deleted and could not function properly!
    3. When using the Charge Base, the battery indicator will take a few minutes to display a full battery on the 3DS menu. It's regular since the battery is high capacity.
    4. Use this accessory at your own risk. Apparently, it's not a Nintendo approved item, and will (sadly) void the warranty.

    Final Score - 9/10

    Recommended for any 3DS user, and at this point, is a necessity to use for longer play time. No more staying attached to a plug.
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    I have to add a little extension to this review. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this Nyko battery yet. It causes a glitch in the wireless and prevents interaction with StreetPass buddies. Apparently, the window to change the battery is less than 10 seconds, and I missed it. Basically, what it does is reset the time and date, and it prevents proper interaction with your StreetPass buddies. The cure for it is a system reformat and possibly return to the old battery.

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    That's a shame. Has the new update changed anything?

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    I'm too scared to try it again. I don't want to lose any more data. :/

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    Some questions, is the battery Lithuim? Another did you try it again? Or you don't use it anymore. My friend wants to buy this.

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    It's a Li-Ion Battery. I use it constantly because it drastically boosts the battery life.

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