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    True, but I just wanted to point out that Class isn't 'really' the factor that determines whether an SD card is good or bad.

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    The read speeds are proportional to write speeds though the class only measures write speeds, the factor varies between brands, age etc. though.

    You're able to get a "true" MicroSDHC with 32GB as the largest, though the 32GB limit is artificial you can get 64GB ones that are MicroSDXC but still work (current SDXC cards use the same speeds as SDHC ones they won't always work)

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    I have a dstwo sandisk 16gb I believe it is a class 2 or 4... I got it really cheep and see no class on the packaging.

    the only problems I have with my card is .flvs were off sync with sound with the movie player and pdf files took forever to load that were 5megs or larger. All games work flawlessly far.

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