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    Default New CHEAPER Wii model...

    It's officially a trend. One day after Sony introduced a cheaper, less functional PSP for Europe, Nintendo has announced a new "value Wii" for the region, though no price was given. The new Wii, according to Nintendo UK, is designed to sit horizontally instead of vertically (although the original Wii can technically do both, so we aren't sure what the distinction is). The other major alteration is the loss of GameCube backward compatibility -- both games and accessories.

    I can't believe this is happening, apparently a cheaper Wii is coming out, with no Gamecube compatibility. The Wii is cheap enough as is, are they really going to make a console that's like sub-$100? Might be good for the old folk's homes that buy a couple of these, comes bundled with Wii Party and Wii Sports...

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    Don't really care much for this. Although this doesn't really make much sense since the Wii is already cheap enough. The loss of Gamecube compatibility probably isn't of much concern to anyone purchasing this now, anyways.
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    Though I play a lot of GC games on mine (more ninja'd than owned mind you) I still think this is rather win.

    I mean, your average Wii owner doesn't have a single GC game, and most who do already have a wii. Rather simple market strategy really.

    Profitability is getting worse as the focus is on efficiency rather than increasing sales. The GC hardware should be a little costly now.

    You see the Wii is almost about to drop into the decline stage, by making this alteration to the wii, the saturation stage can be prolonged.

    *tries hard not to see this as a Bus. Man. question*

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    Are you taking business as well? The moment I read that last sentence I was like wow that's straight out of the textbook. :P

    That said, I'm worried about how Nintendo will look with all these price drops. Though for the product it might the the change needed to sustain sales, it may hurt their branding. The pricing is the issue here. In Canada, the Wii prices are roughly $140 depending on bundle, store, color, etc. If they drop the price of this model by $10-$20, it'll feel like quite a ripoff, losing GC compatibility... the ability to keep it vertical, etc for such a small amount of cash. That said, if they drop it to a sub $100 price ($99), will people start thinking Nintendo as cheap toys for kids?

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    Yeah doing my third year of the subject (can't be bothered explaining Scottish levels blah blah blah)

    I'm not sure about the vertical thing, I've always had mine vertical so I don't have a clue about that :P

    As I said most Wii owners don't have/intend to buy a GC game those who do, already have one.

    I'd say about $110 average. I honestly don't think that price drop will hurt ninty's reputation too much. The 3DS price drop for example can only have postive outcomes for the business. Better price = better value in most peoples eyes.

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