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    Default How does a Mario Kart 7 tournament sound?

    Do enough people have 3DS's at this point to justify a tournament? I can certainly just gauge interest and then decide a prize later, but as most of you know I used to draw most contestants from GBAtemp, that's not really open anymore so it'll have to go via word of mouth. Do you guys think you have any friends that may be interested in entering or could spread the word at other forums you frequent?

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    I would say wait until like spring, because I have a 3DS but no money to get MK7.

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    I just got the game so it's fine by me because I actually have the game. Don't know about other people though. Not very many people I know in real life have one so I wouldn't expect many more here to have one. Then again with all these holiday deals on it I would think there are more here, especially on a gaming forum.

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    It might be a little early too I think, but perhaps we can start one up for fun?

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    Shouldn't we wait a bit longer to see how many people there are? Honestly I wouldn't mind doing this even if there wasn't a prize. I got nothing to do this winter break other than to beat Final Fantasy XIII in preparation for XIII-2 and unlock as much stuff as I can in MK7 and beat Master Quest in OoT.

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    I'm keen just for people to play it with.
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    You should wait until I buy myself a 3DS haha.

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    Heh, well maybe right after Christmas, I see several of you are planning on getting the 3DS soon.

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    I have a 3DS+MK7 but can't play till Christmas so wait

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