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    Default Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced

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    This past weekend, Game Freak announcedPokémon Black/White 2 for a June release in Japan. The two games will be direct successors to the original Pokémon Black/White, and will feature two new forms of Kyurem as their mascots.Nintendo of America announced Pokémon Black/White 2 for a 2012 North American release the very same day, but didn’t provide a release timeframe. Today, they have.Pokémon Black/White 2 will release this fall in North America and Europe.

    Pokemon Black and White 2 were announced a few days ago, while the Japanese release is slated for June, worldwide it is expected to hit in the fall. This is a pretty quick turnaround if my memory serves me correctly, and certainly the first time we've seen direct sequels to the main Pokemon Series rather than a third color.

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    Slight bump: the sense of entitlement from some people is fucking astounding. Practically everyone on the 3DS subreddit bitch about how this wasn't released for the 3DS rather than the DS, despite that making no sense. People swear up and down that it's unacceptable that Nintendo didn't release it for the 3DS, despite the fact that Nintendo has little to no control over what GameFreak does. Plus remaking the engine for the 3DS solely for a rehash would be stupid and nowhere near as cost efficient as just releasing it for the 3DS.

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    I'm surprised it's not. Really, people are as of yet unable to pirate 3DS games, whereas NDS is still doable...Interesting if you ask me.
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