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    Apple announced the "new" iPad today, it isn't the iPad HD or iPad 3, just a "new" iPad. The major features are enhanced cameras, 4G connectivity, the retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and a new quad core graphics chip. Included in the presentation was apps brought over from iWork and iLife and of course enhancements to current apps including new language support for Siri.

    I found the whole presentation a little underwhelming. For a new Apple device, improvements to the stocks apps are a given, and 4G and retina displays were well predicted in advance. I kept thinking they'll have something even more impressive in the end to surprise us, but it seems it isn't going to happen. I suppose the cameras are welcomed as they are upgraded to work similar to the iPhone 4S's. The days leading up to this event, I've heard some crazy rumors, it's a shame that not one of them ended up true. Instead, we get a new graphics chip that supports the latest version of Infinity Blade.


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    The only thing I like about this iPad is the retina display. I already have an iPad 2 (that I won) but i don't think that there are enough features that would make me even consider buying this updated version.

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    That is until they do something with the faster processor and graphics chips, which they might not. I too think the retina display is the true allure of the device, as unnecessary as it may be, the screens just look so much better...

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