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    Default Cyclo DS iEvolution and a Camera

    Anyone interested in a CycloDS iEvolution? I'm trying to get rid of it, for about $30 shipped. No need for it. It's just dusting.

    Also, I have a digital camera that I'm trying to get rid of because I am really strapped on cash. Here's the outline straight from the eBay listing.

    Hello, thanks for stopping by. What you're looking at here is a Panasonic Lumix digital camera. The model is DMC FH27. It has a 16.1 MP lens with HD video recording at 720p. The camera is almost brand new, with no scratches on the touch screen. Package will include a lot of miscellaneous accessories. The full list of contents is below.

    Package includes:
    -Near mint LUMIX FH27 camera, silver, 16.1 MP
    -Panasonic Lumix LEATHER pouch!
    -Battery Pack and Charger
    -AV Cable
    -Micro USB connection cables
    -CD-ROM to install camera software
    -Hand strap
    -Stylus pen
    -Owner's Manual
    -Mini Tripod

    This is the perfect set to get you started with a digital camera, and at an affordable price. It looks great, and has a ton of accessories to go with it. I hope to do business with you soon, and thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. To get more pictures of the camera unit, please message me privately. I'm unable to put the images up at this moment because, well, this was my camera I used to take pictures. I'll see if I can borrow a unit and get some photos for you in the meantime.

    -I only accept PayPal, and expect prompt payment. Shipping will be to the United States with USPS Priority Mail with a Delivery Confirmation notice.

    Any questions message me.
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    Oh yes, I also have a mouse to sell, which is a Logitech V550 which retails for like 60 bucks, but I'm selling for $30 shipped. It's nice, silver, and has a small ding on the front of it, but it works great. Also selling my copy of Dead or Alive Dimensions, $30 shipped to the US, maybe more for Canada.

    Logitech Mouse-
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    You might want to double check your price for DoA, it retails for $30 here in Canada. Great game though, not sure why you are getting rid of it.

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    I'd be interested in buying the mouse if it works with a Mac, but I don't have a PayPal so I'd have to send an envelope with money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emugirl1994 View Post
    I'd be interested in buying the mouse if it works with a Mac, but I don't have a PayPal so I'd have to send an envelope with money.
    As strapped as I am for cash, I only take paypal. Really easy to set up. Get a credit or debit, make the account, link it, and pay. Money in the mail becomes problematic. People claim they sent it, no money for me, blah blah. Get a paypal and come talk to me again.

    @Pharaoh: I played it two weeks after launch, never touched it again. XD

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    Mouse is sort of on hold for emugirl1994. No one wants to buy anything else? Not the digital camera or the flash cart?

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    Camera dropped to $130 shipped. Mouse is no longer on hold for emugirl1994.

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