Despite the pretty horrible reviews, I decided to pick it up this morning, and boy was that a bad decision. I'm only a little bit into the game, so my opinion may change, but the reviews were right, the 3DS's horrible cameras are crippling the experience. When the reviewers say that you can't be in a dark room to play the game, I realized that it was an obvious flaw in the 3DS's camera, and that I didn't mind too much, what they failed to sort of convey is just HOW BRIGHT your room has to be to get the game running. I'm in a fairly well lit room (albeit it's night time right now), but I am still having problems finding the book from time to time, and nothing is more frustrating that needing to adjust the lighting or your sitting position just to get a better shot for the camera.

Asides from that GLARING flaw, the game's atmosphere is pretty spooky, and I did have fun with a few of the mini games. It's still a very interesting idea, and coming from the people behind Fatal Frame, the game really isn't all that bad if you don't mind playing it during the day in a nice and bright room. I can see myself enjoying this tomorrow morning when the lighting is a bit better, though it certainly robs some of the atmosphere. Oh well, look forward to a video soon.