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    Okay, I'm waiting for my new Acekard to come, and I recently learned about the Lameboy emulator. I've been doing a playthrough of Pokemon Crystal version using an emulator on my computer.

    Is it possible to transfer my computer save to the Lameboy? If so, how do I do it?

    If it helps, I'm using a vba emulator and my Crystal save is .sav. I'm also planning to install the AKAIO firmware on my Acekard when it arrives.

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    I don't believe this is possible. I don't have experience with lameboy specifically but I knowthat the saves from other emulators are non-transferable.

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    Oh, really? Well I'll just have to finish my playthrough on VBA then, thanks.

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    yeah, the saves are built in to one the .sav file of lameboy (i think).

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    i know this might not be of much help now but it is quite possible and that is what i am working on doing now. their is a online website that allows you to change the sav format from lameboy to visual boy advance if you have heard of this website please tell me its html

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    Ummm I did a quick google but later versions of Lameboy save files are compatible with VBA

    "It’s the same behaviour as in VBA and opposite to GNUBoy’s. Also save style is compatible to VBA, with one issue: I think there is no way to check time zone in NDS (as it is not set) so I fixed it to +2h. If your timezone is different you will get timeshift between Lameboy and VBA."


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    Akaio is way better. I don't know all the differences but I do know a lot of games that do not play with the acekard official firmware will play with the akaio, e.g. I just installed akaio 1.6 R2. and I can play the mario and luigi bowsers inside story, zelda spirit tracks, mario and sonic olympics winter and summer. With the acekard firmware all of those did not work. The only problem is when you switch you will lose all your save files. There may be a way to keep them but I don't know how.

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    I think the OP was talking specifically about Gameboy games. The Lameboy emulator will run on either firmware (though I agree AKAIO is superior).

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