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    The prizes for this raffle, as well as the Bleach DS tournament were provided by:


    We should also thank me_too_lazy, the DSDatabase moderator who took the time to take the video.

    So without further ado, the raffle! Good luck!

    If you do not wish to view the video and view the winners, simply skip to the bottom of this post and highlight the white text.

    Winners: Jibib and Raiyu
    Backups (winners if Jibib or Raiyu do not respond): bangaiblue (1st in line), 999roy999 (2nd in line)

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    Lol at how he said my name.

    Ji..bib xD

    You said it right but it was like you stuttered where the '..' is xD

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    Yet another prize for jibib. You sure are a lucky person.

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