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    So I have been playing the Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond for a while, all I can say is that there is nothing special. It is a great game because it is based on a great game, however almost nothing is changed, just slightly better graphics, another new line of Pokemon. I don't speak a word of Japanese, yet I can still guess exactly what they are saying, "Hello, my name is Professor ____, and welcome to the world of Pokemon."

    However, that is not to say that I don't like the game, in fact, I love it. There was no reason to change a winning formula, and so, there are no changes.

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    i play this game too, and i cant complain abut it.
    when it starts to get boring, there are alternate options to bring the fun back, like: dig for treasures in the underground, battle and trade online, try to get a 100 win strike at the pokémon battle zone (never worked for me <.<)

    if u like pokémon, u like this game

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