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    The Rune Factory 3 release that I'm playing is still in Japanese, as a result I'm not too far at all, haven't got a clue what they said, and don't plan to go much further. But from what I can see, the game, more or less, is still very much similar to Rune Factory 1 and 2. I'm assuming they changed the story a little, rearranged the city, added a few new items and or monsters and squashed some bugs.

    That being said, I'm still extremely excited for the English release. Rune Factory 1 was probably one of my favorite games on the DS. For those of you who don't know what Rune Factory is about, it is a mix of Harvest Moon and a few RPG, dungeon crawling elements. You are a farmer of some sort (Harvest Moon aspect), and you try to create a successful farm by planting crops, tending to monsters (they're your livestock), and interacting with the nearby town. While farming is the major aspect of the game, the true goal is to marry one of the girls of the town. The farming is simply to collect the money necessary for gifts and stuff. Now thrown into the game is the monster element, apparently there are caves around the town that have monsters and, well, fertile soil I guess. And you have to go into those dungeons and kill the monsters so you can farm in the dungeons and maximize your output, and at the same time, you can capture animals as your livestock.

    Again, don't miss out on this game. Although it seems that if you've played one of them, you've played all of them. On the other hand, this one has a much catchier opening than the other two in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Rune Factory 3

    Is this worth getting for me? I never played a Rune Factory game or Harvest Moon. Which is better for me to get? Where do you farm more in this or harvest moon? Which one is better?

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    I think in terms of farming they are practically equal. Harvest Moon vs Rune Factory is a tough call, I like both of them a lot, but if you are talking about the DS versions, Rune Factory is definitely the better one, the DS Harvest Moons aren't very good.

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    Haha, I'm actually playing Rune Factory 2 right now. I think I liked the first one better in terms of fighting, but other than that, RF2 is probably better.

    I watched a video of RF3 not too long ago, actually. The fighting looks pretty incredible, compared to the previous versions. If I'm not wrong, you can even morph into a monster, or something. I can't wait for the English version.

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    That sounds cool, I found it odd that they didn't have the main character as the game icon, and instead a monster (is it him? Oo)

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    The video clip is good to watch and it really look good game to me...
    But I need your opinions that are you really enjoying it and where do I get it easily???

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    It was never localized, so I never played through Rune Factory 3, just maybe the first half hour to get a grasp of the controls. It is still very much the same game, but no doubt numerous tweaks were added in.

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    I really like this video clip.. I really like games, and this is also great game..
    Thanks for informing me about this game..
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