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    Question Best flashcart for the gameboy micro?

    I should be getting my gameboy micro early next week, so i was wondering which flashcart is the best for it.

    I'm leaning towards the ez flash iv.

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    The EZ Flash IV has some minor faults, ie no RTC, but honestly, tracking down anything else is a hassle. EZ Flash IV is great in pretty much all other respects and is really easy to find, cheap to buy. But if you could track down something like an EZ Flash III, those things were great.

    Is this your first GB Micro btw? You mentioned it and I started looking for mine. Wanted to boot up Riviera again since I never managed to beat it.

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    thanks for the info, i will try to get my hands on a ez flash III.

    also yes this is my 1st GB micro, ive actually never played the GB micro, i have seen it in person though.

    i cant wait to get it

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