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    Post Gateway 3ds is supporting 10.3 soon,so what about 10.4-10.7?

    Maybe many of us are waiting for Gateway 3ds to support 3ds firmware 10.3. THis may be not that meaningful to someone, but to others who own that 3ds sysnand or mis-upgrade their 3ds it's indeed good thing.
    ON 29th March, gateway official finally disclosed that 10.3 and A9Hax support is coming soon in a few days.

    The next big updates with 10.3 and A9hax support, as well as a nice surprise, are just around the corner.

    We apologize for the delay to fulfill our announcement, but as always we deliver. Please understand weare still supporting our V1 hardware from a few years ago, which in the case of this major update has proven quite challenging.
    We are very proud that users who bought their device 3 years ago still enjoy full support, although it has caused some delay.
    And we will continue to do so by making sure all Gateway users, old and new, are receiving more than they expected for their money worth.

    10.3 support and A9Hax will be released separately in the coming days to save from further delays. We are starting to expand our testing....

    So what about 3ds v10.4-10.7 ? will this firmware range be supported ?
    As Gateway official has said earlier, they will not be able to support sysnand firmware version 10.4 or higher anytime soon. So currently updating 3ds sysnand to any version higher than 10.3 (i.e. 10.4 or higher) is STRONGLY NOT ADVISED!
    If you happened to upgrade it to 10.4-10.7 by mistake/accident, there are many tutorials though on the internet about how to downgrade the firmware for gateway use.

    Something about A9Hax
    A9Hax, also known as Arm9loaderhax, it's a superior method of loading hax that runs early in boot and opens up the opportunity for things such as true custom firmware.

    1. Boot times as fast as booting sysNAND
    2. “Real” Coldboot because of it loaded directly at boot
    3. 100% Bootrate. No 3DS crashing while starting your favorite CFW anymore


    • If being done wrong this can brick your 3DS
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