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  1. Default Just thought I'd offer some of this sweetness

    I just got a job, work from home. $12.50 USD/hour teaching conversational english to koreans.

    its very easy, and you get to work from home. you don't have to pay anything... no fees, no investment ( except a little time!) you don't even need to know korean.. they already know english... they just want to speak it better, and to learn colloquial phrases.

    i know there are a lot of work from home scams, but I just completed my first night of work last night, and wanted to pass this along (hey I get a bonus for bringing people in)

    you only need to be a native english speaker, 18+, have a webcam and mic, and a fast internet connection.

    working one 4 hour shift 5 days a week nets you $1000/month

    and I was offered the opportunity to work multiple shifts a day If i wanted (I cant because my other job offers bennies and this doesn't, so i need to keep my day job)

    OH OH, one more more thing! if you have a BS in ANY subject, you will be asked if you want to fly to korea to teach. ( one year contract, they pay everything INCLUDING free company housing )

    If you're interested in something more than a job where your main phrase for the day is "would you like fries with that?" send me an email to

    nolanvoid23 "at"


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    heh that is pretty sweet
    i heard hong kong are going crazy for french tutors
    they get paid a crapload, only downside is you need to know french and u need to fly over to hongkong

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    if you're interested, drop me that line, I'll hook you up.


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    Damn! Im only 15 and my cams mic doesn't work when hooked onto the comp. Although, being in honors english 10 is better than being a 40year old that forgets like all the rules

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    true, but the terms of service with the web site requires you to be 18


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    I got a few people interviews already, anyone else interested?

    if you have a 4 year degree, theyre particularly interested, the'yre dying to send you to korea on their dime.

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