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    Default 70 MEMBERS GOAL ACHIEVED! Now just the posts...

    70 members (check)
    35 members with 25posts or more (almost check...)

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    Very exciting.

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    Back down to 69 members because the last one was a spambot.

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    stupid spambot's i hate them.

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    ...So... only the members with the post count are entered, right?

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    Only members with at least 25 posts are entered. 70 members was just the start time of our raffle.

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    Excellent... I ask , merely because i have the WORST luck in the world.. and if its a 35 member raffle... for TWO winners... I might actually... for ONCE in my life... win something.. (I won't hold my breath)

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    Lo, me too. Had a 1 in 12 odds of winning one not too long ago, and I failed

    Anyway, how's the raffling going to be done? Random algorithm?

    My suggestion would be to film a video of a number (from 0 to 99) and post it somewhere on the interwebs to timemark it. Then, we have an IRC chat where we private message PV with our guesses! Fun for all!~

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    Well I am just going to do a raffle, if you guys want, I can do a video of the raffle to show that I didn't rig it or anything.

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    No need to video the raffle pharaoh, we trust you.

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