Aksys Teases “0303”

Aksys posted a link to 4infinity.co on their Facebook page today.  All it says is 0303.  Usually these teases hint at an upcoming game, and as unlikely as it may seem, the reference seems to suggest a sequel to the very popular Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.


Zero Escape was supposed to be a 3 part series, starting with 999 on the Nintendo DS (and eventually a “novel” version was released on iOS), then succeeded by Virtue’s Last Reward on the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  Zero Escape has been an odd anomaly in the gaming world, as a Japan developed game, it sold very few copies in Japan, but had significantly more success abroad.  The last entry in the series was put on hiatus and eventually forgotten, despite a very vocal group of fans in North America.

We did a review of Virtue’s Last Reward and was captivated by the story.  It would be great it Aksys releases the final entry in the series.

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